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Meet The Exhibitor: TurnKey Product Management

By TurnKey Product Management

Jeff Lieber and his team from TurnKey Product Management provided this article. TurnKey is an Amazon consulting company that sells over 8-figures in revenue for its clients each year. Whether you're just starting or are an Amazon expert, TurnKey can help take your sales to the next level. Click here to visit TurnKey's website where you'll find free resources and training on how to scale to 7+ figures on Amazon. Plus, you can contact TurnKey there to help scale your business.

It’s no secret that Amazon is the biggest eCommerce platform in the world. With more than 350 million items sold on Amazon, it’s becoming more and more challenging to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Therefore even having a five-star product won’t always result in sales. Optimizing your Amazon product listing is becoming more and more essential to scale and grow your business. There are 6 key elements in a listing that will help increase traffic and conversions; videos, titles, images, bullet points, product descriptions, and A+ content. When these elements are properly optimized, you will have a high converting listing.

Below are some questions to ask yourself to determine what’s missing from your listing. If you add it in, it will grow your conversion rate and sales!

•If you are brand registered do you have a video in your image block?
•Is your video condensed to be less than 2 minutes?
•Is your video high quality with a strong resolution?
•Does your video sell your product well?

•Did you use your entire character limit for the title, usually the character limit is 200 characters (differs by category, check the backend of your listing under offer)?
•Did you avoid repeating the same word twice? This is precious keyword space we don’t want to waste it!
•Did you include your most important keywords (keywords with the highest search frequency) in the title?
•Does your title make sense and is it readable, and did you capitalize the first letter of each word except for prepositions (in, on, over, with), conjunctions (and, or, for), or articles (the, a, an)?
•Did you mention your product’s top features and important information (what is it for, what does it do, count, size, etc.)?
•On mobile, titles are cut shorter, check the mobile app, does your title make sense where it is cut off?
•Did you include your brand name?
•Did you avoid symbols for decoration such as ~ ! * $ ? _ ~ { } # < > | * ; ^ ¬ ¦

•Are all images that you use throughout your listing high quality and professional?
•Does your main image have a nice close-up image of your product that features the actual product as well as the packaging?
•Does your main image have a plain white background?
•In your image block do you have a mixture of product images, lifestyle images, and infographics?
•Do your lifestyle images show your product being used in action?
•Does your infographic point out key parts of your product with text overlayed over the image that helps the customer make a purchasing decision? For example, if your product is a specific size show the dimensions in an infographic.
•Do all of your images have brand consistency meaning you are using consistent logos, colors, and fonts?

Bullet Points:
•Are you using the entire character limit per bullet point? You can find your character limit in the backend of the Amazon listing.
•Did you include your second most important keywords (keywords with the highest search frequency) in the bullet points?
•Did you avoid repeating words too often and rely more on synonyms and mixing in new keywords? Just like the title we don't want to repeat too much.
•Does each bullet point have an enticing tagline?
•Are your bullet points emotionally enticing? Do they sell the WHY?
•Are you mentioning the top features and aspects of your product?
•Do you have a guarantee or warranty included in your bullet points? If not, you can adopt Amazon's 30-day guarantee that way there's no extra work on your end and the customer can purchase the product risk-free.

Product Description:
•Do you have your product description filled out? Even if you are brand registered and using A+ Content you should still have this filled out.
•Did you include your third most important keywords (keywords with the highest search frequency) in the product description?
•Are you mentioning key features of your product that did not make it in the bullet points like directions, dosage information, etc?
•Did you use the product description to talk more about your brand and what makes you different from other brands?
•Did you continue to push emotional reasoning here and explain why the customer should be purchasing your product?

A+ Content:
•Did you include your fourth most important keywords (keywords with the highest search frequency) in the product description?
•Did you use the A+ Content to talk more about your brand and what makes you different from other brands?
•Did you use product images, lifestyle images, and infographics in your A+ Content?
•Are your images high quality?
•Did you avoid repeating images that are already in the image block?
•Did you use the A+ Content as an opportunity to cross-sell your products by either mixing them into the other product images OR using the A+ Content comparison chart module?
•Is your A+ Content consistent with your branding?
•Do your lifestyle images feature your customer avatar/demographic and also show the product in action?

So there you have it. The 6 key elements that you need in your Amazon listing. Amazon success doesn’t happen by accident anymore. It really does come down to executing on the fundamentals and putting yourself in the customer's shoes to create the ultimate buying experience.

Sounds like a lot of work? Our team has designed a grading system checklist that is built around the questions above to make sure you are using the best practices when optimizing your listing. If you would like a copy to grade your own Amazon product listing for free, check it out here.

If this feels daunting, TurnKey Product Management is always a phone call away to help you identify the next steps you can take in your Amazon business to take your sales to the next level.