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April 16 & 17, 2025

LVCC, Las Vegas


For anyone working in the wider retail sphere, whether online, in physical stores, or behind the scenes it’s important to have a comprehensive understanding of supply chains and logistics. It’s vital to remember how many steps there are between a product being manufactured and finding its way to a consumer’s hands.

Retail Supply Chain & Logistics Expo was pulled together as a specialized area for supply chain solutions, logistics technologies, and the companies that both need and provide them. With a lineup of expert speakers, a dedicated networking space, and a coveted award ceremony, it’s a haven for professionals at every segment of the supply chain.

Keynote Theater & Seminars

Within the event, we create a space entirely dedicated to education from the best in the business. We bring in experts from leading retail brands, offering in-depth seminars about a range of different relevant topics. Whether touching on freight logistics, supply chain innovation, or the recruitment of your supply chain team, these talks will shine some essential light on subjects that every professional should be familiar with.

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Dedicated Networking Area

A well-oiled supply chain has a lot of moving parts – all of which need to be working together efficiently to ensure the delivery of positive results. We offer a dedicated networking area for people at every stage of the supply chain, allowing for collaborations that could improve operations across the board. When you go into this business networking event with a positive mentality and an open mind, you can find partnerships that last your career.

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Industry Leading Awards

We also use this event as an opportunity to honor the finest companies of the year – those logistics experts and supply chain teams that go above and beyond in terms of quality and consistency. We present our Logistics Award of the Year award to the nominees, shining a highlight on their ability to offer efficiency and convenience to their clients.

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