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25 & 26 May 2022

LVCC, Las Vegas

Dan Gilmore: Speaking at the Retail Supply Chain & Logistics Expo Las Vegas

Dan Gilmore

CMO  -  Softeon

5 Key Trends That Are Transforming Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) have now been around for more than 45 years, but a number of factors drive a continued demand. Those include the demands of efulfillment, increased use of DC automation, an accelerated move to Cloud WMS solutions and more.

The reality is that the WMS industry has seen only incremental progress over the past 20 years.

However, this is changing rapidly with the breakthrough of new capabilities along several dimensions. Examples include the combination of WMS and new Warehouse Execution Systems (WES), configuration wizards to expedite WMS deployments, and self-running solutions that are ushering in the new era of the autonomous WMS.

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