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1 & 2 Sept 2021

LVCC, Las Vegas

Zana Busby: Speaking at the Retail Supply Chain & Logistics Expo Las Vegas

Zana Busby

Chief Consumer Psychologist  -  Retail Reflections

Your Ultimate Key to Success: Cracking the Consumer Behaviour Code in the Post-Pandemic World

Understanding the ever-changing consumer behaviours, attitudes, and expectations is imperative if you want your business to thrive.

However, today more than ever, it’s crucial to listen, understand, and adapt to the shifting consumer mindset. Knowing how your customers feel, what drives them, and what their expectations are in the post-pandemic world, is your key to success.

Do you know the top strategy that will attract customers in the transformed world?

Why you need to learn about the new consumer personality types and their traits?

What is the biggest mistake you can make and how to avoid it?

This session will take you on a fascinating discovery journey exploring the world of psychological secrets to the newly emerging consumer needs and trends that will help you differentiate your business as long-term winner.

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