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3rd & 4th May 2023

LVCC, Las Vegas

Reverse Logistics Association

The Reverse Logistics Association is the authoritative body for best practices related to reverse logistics. RLA is a member driven, global trade association for the returns and reverse industry. The RLA offers information, research, solutions, and facilitates networking introductions for manufacturers, retail companies and third-party providers. Our goal is to educate and inform reverse logistics professionals globally and be the voice of the reverse industry.

Our first market research on founding the Reverse Logistics Association was started in July 2002. Actual incorporation of the company occurred on October 28, 2002. Initial analysis was conducted primarily with three major Manufacturers and two Third Party Service Providers (3PSPs).

After the early studies were completed, it was determined that more than $750 billion was being spent annually on the Reverse Logistics Processes in North America alone.

Our research discovered that there were thousands of 3PSPs worldwide that were providing support services to OEMs, ODMs, Branded and Retail companies! Today the Reverse Logistics processes represent 3-15% of the Gross Domestic Product, which is estimated between $360 billion and $1.8 trillion (based on 2017 data).

Our research also showed that there wasn’t any common thread between any of the 3PSPs other than competition. The OEMs, ODMs, Branded and Retail companies had no platform for discussing “best practices.”

We also could not find any tradeshows, magazines or trade associations that existed to support this growing segment of the Aftermarket Supply Chain, or as we call it today, Reverse Logistics.

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