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3rd & 4th May 2023

LVCC, Las Vegas

Media 7

MEDIA 7 is a global network of digital communities encompassing 31 business categories and job roles serving the information & learning needs of modern professionals.

Our content studio and performance marketing team helps conference producers and SaaS companies achieve predictable revenue in an increasingly uncertain business environment.

In a world of content shock, where hundreds of thousands of articles are added to the internet across virtually every topic on a weekly basis, we designed the Media 7 network to be an oasis of credibility – where modern professionals can come to consume authoritative content on topics of their choice written by our staff writers and sourced from some of the world’s sharpest minds.

We cater to audiences through their career journey – from interns to the C-Suite – our content is carefully produced and curated to ensure maximum relevancy with the intended persona.

An intense focus on nurturing focused audiences through our content and outreach channels such as newsletters allows us to serve the needs of our SaaS clients and conference producers in a variety of ways that align their marketing programs to a predictable revenue outcome. If you are a reader or potential client, we look forward to partnering with you to achieve success & helping you build a profitable career or business. Reach out to us today and our team is always happy to set up a chat!

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