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25 & 26 May 2022

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Department of Defense Testing “Smart Warehouses”

As part of a $600 million project in 5G experimentation, Smart Warehouses and technologies will be tested at five U.S. military sites to enhance distributed demand and control. According to Material Handling & Logistics, the project will be focused on transshipment between shore facilities and naval units, to increase efficiency and fidelity of logistic operations. 

5G Smart Warehousing will be tested at Naval Base San Diego, California and Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, Georgia. The objective is to develop a 5G enabled Smart Warehouse focused on either transshipment or vehicular storage and maintenance, respectively. Overall, the goal is to establish efficient warehousing operations including identification, recording, organization, storage, retrieval, and transportation of material and supplies. 

Michael Kratsios, Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, said, “The Department of Defense is at the forefront of cutting edge 5G testing and experimentation … Through these test sites, the Department is leveraging its unique authorities to pursue bold innovation at a scale and scope unmatched anywhere else in the world.”

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