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25 & 26 May 2022

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Prosperio Group

Headquartered near Chicago, Illinois, Prosperio Group is a management consulting firm that uses compensation as the “wedge issue” to help companies define goals, realign and clarify roles, increase focus, and align employee and management goals at all levels of the organization. We work with companies that know or think they have a “commission or compensation problem” and through the consulting process, help them uncover and resolve many other issues that are lurking just beneath the surface. 

Since 2007 we have worked with over 190 transportation and logistics companies to fine-tune their compensation plans to attract and keep good talent and hard workers—and stay competitive in the industry. We are committed to providing the best compensation design services, custom and industry surveys, and implementation support to companies who want to strategically align compensation with organizational goals.

Beth Carroll, founder and Managing Principal of Prosperio Group, has worked with clients who are in high growth or start-up mode as well as with Fortune 100 companies. Her clients have come from a wide variety of industries and she draws on this depth and breadth of experience to help her clients develop the best solution for their unique situation. Beth cares deeply about creating long-term relationships with her clients as through these relationships she has witnessed many of the pitfalls that clients can run into during the early months of a new plan design and has adapted Prosperio Group offerings to address these needs in a way no other consulting firm can match.

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