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25 & 26 May 2022

LVCC, Las Vegas

Janerette's Eco-Friendly Fungi

Janerette's researches, develops, mass produces, and distributes the finest mycorrhizae inoculants for sustainable agriculture, forestry and environmental needs.

Our internationally patented mycorrhizal inoculants are ready to impact agricultural production through proven increased yield output. This will assist in eradicating forecasted global food shortages due to the ever-growing world population.

Reforestation efforts will benefit from our forestry inoculants. Tree and foliage growth will be expedited reducing carbon dioxide concentration, helping to restore endangered species from extinction and improving water sources by reducing soil erosion.

Tireless research efforts are directed at developing viable waste management, bioremediation and biocontrol solutions that will help toward returning mother earth to a pure and beautiful state.

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