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25 & 26 May 2022

LVCC, Las Vegas

Hammerhead Material Handling

Hammerhead LLC. is a single-source provider of storage and material handling solutions that gives warehouses and logistics professionals the productivity and space utilization they desperately need in the distribution industry. Through a wide variety of storage products and full maintenance services, Hammerhead assists clients to maximize their warehouse storage space, improve warehouse safety conditions and gain profitability by improving inefficiencies in their warehouse operations.

Hammerhead designs, specifies, integrates and installs state-of-the-art storage solutions including both static and dynamic pallet racking systems. Systems include popular selective and drive in racks, to pick module rack systems, pallet flow racks, push back racks, pallet shuttle systems, mobile racking systems and more.

We design innovative storage systems to help owners and operators of distribution centers realize their best return on investment. Hammerhead delivers and installs your equipment on schedule and on budget. Then, we assist in protecting your employees, buildings and property through ongoing safety surveys, pallet rack repairs and pallet rack protection. Our pallet rack installation, repair and maintenance team can solve any issues you might be facing with your warehouse storage and conveyor systems.

Tel: 323-628-8190

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