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25 & 26 May 2022

LVCC, Las Vegas

Fulfillment Hub USA

We’re the largest fulfillment center in South Florida, with multiple locations across the globe (Miami, New York, California, Germany, Hungary, India). Offering a variety of services from order fulfillment for e-commerce as well as wholesale, pallet storage, cross-docking, FBA-prep and freight. Catering to the needs of both large public companies as well as small businesses from the USA and overseas. We can guaranteed save you on your fulfillment and shipping while providing a superior experience.

B2C Fulfillment:
Fulfillment Hub USA offers a wide variety of shipping and fulfillment options to both domestic and international destinations. We aim for same-day dispatch for all orders received before 1 pm. Shipping services include dozens of budget options as well as overnight deliveries. Due to the collected volume of all of our customers, we can provide unmatchable shipping rates.

B2B Fulfillment:
We have trucking, airline, and ocean freight partners in the USA and abroad to transport your goods seamlessly. We offer cross-docking, pallet wrapping, consolidation, repacking, and kitting/assembly for businesses.

Our software development company, Appmanufact was founded with the purpose to support our customer’s IT-need during the on-boarding process and integration. We integrate with over 47 e-commerce platforms such as Magenta, Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, Walmart, etc. We offer full transparency with live inventory reports through our online web platform. Appmanufact also offers customer software development solutions in AI, IOT, Mobile-/Web-Development for all industries incl. e-commerce.

Our warehouses are equipped with the latest security technology with biometric access control, cameras, reinforced gates, heat, and noise sensors fulfilling the highest security requirements in the industry. The warehouses are equipped to store stock for both small e-commerce fulfillment (Pick & Pack) and standard to oversized pallets

Tel: +1 786-622-1102

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