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3rd & 4th May 2023

LVCC, Las Vegas

Channel Control Merchants, LLC

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Channel Control Merchants manages returns and unproductive inventory through a one-of-a-kind
closed loop solution that maximizes recovery and integrates with your sustainability initiatives. Our
simple approach is fueled by the entire re-commerce cycle so we can manage all of it with maximum
brand control and ease while never competing with you online.
CCM utilizes scan-based (SKU) technology to sell products at extreme value through its network of
Dirt Cheap and Treasure Hunt physical stores located across the United States and Canada with a
focus on rural markets in the Southeast and Texas that are underserved by traditional retail chains.
CCM customizes deals that deliver the maximum possible recovery through the precision and
transparency of scan-based, sku-level data. Our closed loop solution means you don’t have to wait
for a sale or bid, preventing bottlenecks that can negatively impact your bottom line
Our closed loop solution keeps your brand safe because we control the process down to the
consumer and can remove all required brand elements to your specifications. As importantly, we do
not sell against you online.
CCM’s scan-based solution means we can create custom reporting down to the unit level, quantifying
sustainability metrics and giving you valuable insight into recovery trends. You will not only be
delivering maximum recovery—you will also be a critical part of your company’s sustainability
Founded in 1954 and backed by KKR, you can trust Channel Control Merchants.

Tel: 601-746-7849

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