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3rd & 4th May 2023

LVCC, Las Vegas

Bongo Technology Ltd

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Bongo Technology Ltd. is one of the prominent business solution providers in Bangladesh,
developing digital ecosystem through intelligent telematics, logistics automation, integrated e-
Commerce and smart mobility solution for smart Bangladesh. Our specialty in bringing the next-
generation tech-based solution for both B2B and B2G customers in the domestic and international
markets makes us standout globally. Our expertise in the cutting-edge technology results several
USPs for the following world-winning products:

1. “Bongo IoT” Intelligent Telematics Solutions

“Bongo IoT” is an advanced, fully-featured white label software for smart fleet management which
can be curated for all sizes and types of fleet industries. It features a wide array of functionalities
with white label Admin Dashboard, Manager App & Driver App.

2. “Bongo Xpress” Intelligent Delivery Management System

“Bongo Xpress” is an intelligent delivery management system, comprehensive platform which
automates logistics operation, provides supply chain visibility and last-mile visibility. We offer 100%
white label software for Admin dashboard, Manager App, Driver App and Customer App.

3. Energy Management System (White Label Software)

A comprehensive software which supports analysis of your energy consumption and allows you to
optimize your energy management system. The system is easy to use, with a web-based interface
that provides clear and concise information about your energy usage. With this information, you can
make informed decisions about your energy consumption, helping you to reduce waste and optimize your energy usage.

Explore the hub of innovation at Bongo Technology Ltd.

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