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25 & 26 May 2022

LVCC, Las Vegas

Bold Maker

Bold Maker promises to deliver superior quality, service and expertise to makers and businesses of all sizes. 

Why trust us?

We have worked with businesses all over the globe and are proud to have amazing client feedback. We use the most advanced manufacturing technology and American-made materials. Our unbeatable turnaround times ensure that you get your molds faster. Fast communications means we get to work quicker and you can get started sooner! Our reliable quality, allows you to cast your products with precision every single time. Our clients get years of use out of every Bold Maker mold!

Our molds offer optimal physical properties for use with all gummies, candies, organic recipes and other substances. With outstanding physical properties, these products have high molecular density, engineered through years of lab testing and field analysis to deliver easy de-molding, fast cleaning and long mold life. 

These products are intended for use in commercial kitchens and manufacturing environments, demanding constant performance over years of use. Our Bold Maker service and support team is an unbeatable added value, saving you headaches and precious time during your product development cycle!

Custom molds are our speciality, our team can create the perfect custom molds for your application and brand. Need a design? No problem, our in-house designers can bring any idea to life! Don't just make it...Make it Bold!

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