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25 & 26 May 2022

LVCC, Las Vegas

Atlantic Gold Sea Moss

We are a family-run sea moss importer and distributor from South Florida. I'm originally from the island of Antigua, and sea moss was a part of our Caribbean culture. Edible seaweeds have been a part of our diets for hundreds of years. It has been not only an extra source of nutrition in everyday life, but a source of healing in many communities. Irish moss, another edible seaweed, saved Ireland from its potato famine in the 1800's. Our mission is to increase the awareness of this healing plant to people while having a sustainable way to grow sea moss that benefits the environment as well. The business started online out of our home in 2019, and within a year we had a warehouse and office space. My son Zion works in the warehouse and order processing and my daughter Khadijah, the eldest, runs the front office and customer service. In 2020, we became one of the highest growth brands on Shopify. That put us in the top 1% of over one million brands on Shopify. It has been a truly humbling experience to know that we've helped so many people. Not only help people improve their health, but because half my customers are resellers, we help people build their sea moss business by providing a premium product, education, and support.

Tel: 844-SEA-MOSS

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