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3rd & 4th May 2023

LVCC, Las Vegas

ARKA: Industrial Automation

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What ARKA does best is rise to the client’s needs and expectations. In the past, we’ve worked closely with partners in the courier and logistics fields. When demands both in term of quantity and quality surged, accelerated by the growth in their fields, ARKA was glad to match our clients’ exigencies. While other manufacturers may take a one-size fits all approach, we believe it’s important to provide equipment that suits a client’s particular needs. When we first took projects in the courier industry to produce conveyors and weighing equipment, we designed systems with varying degrees of complexity, according to the individual needs for each client location. Subsequently, we steered our attention towards the local parcel machine market, and saw room for improvement. We knew ARKA could offer solutions superior to those our competitors provided. We quickly prototyped several solutions and iterated upon them. We considered flexibility a paramount factor in choosing automated parcel machines and after meticulous refining we’ve optimized multiple series of smart lockers, suitable for different client needs. We provide highly customizable solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. Clients can add auxiliary equipment such as surveillance cameras or photovoltaic panels, configure the types of drawers on each column and the number of columns per locker. Individual column configuration can be established upon first acquiring the machine, or subsequently, when the client has decided to add one or more columns to a locker. Lastly, we’re glad to present the AK 300-EKO Autonomous Parcel Locker. Our innovative lockers use an incorporated battery, do not require an external power source, and communicate with the user’s phone via Bluetooth, circumventing the need for an internet connection. These innovations allow our autonomous lockers to be placed in locations otherwise unsuitable. We’ve designed it to overcome the challenges logistical operators face, as well as to embody what we aim to achieve in our efforts: enabling our clients to do what they do best, using dependable equipment, tailor-made for their needs.

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