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3rd & 4th May 2023

LVCC, Las Vegas

Alpacka Fulfillment

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Are you taking bids for 3PL, kitting or fulfillment?
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DTC, B2B, Kitting & Fulfillment (pick/pack/ship).

Alpacka is a robust, established 3PL

We pick, pack and lovingly ship all types of boxes - B2B and D2C.

Our sweet spot is Kitting and Assembly: Welcome Kits, Swag Bags, Gift Boxes, Product Kits, Subscription Boxes… we package them all. From easy 2-step box jobs to complicated 18 sku kits that require multiple sub-assemblies… we can do it. From 500 units to 500,000 units, we can scale as needed.

Why Alpacka is different:

- Fulfillment with TLC: Working with you is more than just following the instructions you provide. It’s about treating your products as if they were our own.

-Scalability: We’ve developed an infrastructure that allows for fast and efficient growth

-Flexible & Family Owned: We understand the importance of being nimble and flexible to pivot with you. And, since the family runs the operation, there is no red-tape to slow down the process. We get things done quickly.

-Dedicated, long term team: Be kind. Be generous. Acknowledge Often. By following those directives, we have staff that love their job and work hard for our customers.

- Best in Class Shipping Costs and Carrier Options

- Experienced in detailed and complex assembly

We’d love to discuss your project and fulfillment needs. Let’s talk!

Tel: 408-677-7307

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